Advancing smart banking services in Iran: Tourism Bank's Innovations

In its ongoing effort to enhance smart banking services in Iran, the Tourism Bank unveiled four new products at the 17th International Tourism Exhibition

In an unceasing effort to advance smart banking services in Iran, the Tourism Bank recently unveiled four new products at the 17th Tehran International Tourism Exhibition and Related Industries. This event, which was attended by notable figures such as Mehdi Jahangiri, the head of the Tourism Financial Group, Mohammadreza Fahmi, the CEO of the Tourism Bank, and other prominent board members and senior managers, demonstrates the bank's firm resolve to chart a new future in smart banking services.

Tourist Card and Toogasht, two flagship products introduced by the Tourism Bank, represent the bank's relentless efforts to offer innovative and practical solutions in the realm of smart banking services to the community. The Tourist Card, developed in collaboration with the Rank Pay-Per-Use system, is a versatile payment tool that allows incoming tourists and Iranians planning to travel abroad to use the Iranian payment network and international payment networks without the need for cash. This card has been developed in two phases: the first focuses on facilitating the use of the domestic payment network, while the second expands its international capabilities.

Toogasht, another product designed to enhance Iran's tourism industry, combines financial and credit services with core tourism services. Offered as a B2B solution, it serves as a comprehensive solution for businesses and actors in the tourism industry looking to optimize their value chain.

Unveiling and signing the memorandum of understanding for 4 attractive Tourism Bank products

In addition to introducing new products, the Tourism Bank has also initiated new collaborations with platforms such as Ezki-Loan and DigiPay. These partnerships, formalized through memoranda of understanding and cooperation agreements, create new opportunities for obtaining bank facilities online and easily, reflecting the bank's commitment to utilizing modern technologies to facilitate and improve its customers' financial experiences.

The exhibition, held from February 13th to 16th, 2023, is recognized not only as a major event in Iran's tourism industry calendar but also as an important platform for showcasing advancements and achievements in the field of smart banking services. By presenting its new products and services at this event, the Tourism Bank has affirmed its key role in driving innovation and digital transformation in the Iranian banking industry.

Furthermore, the introduction of these new services and products is part of the Tourism Bank's long-term strategy to become a leading institution in smart banking services and support the sustainable development of Iran's tourism industry. These efforts demonstrate the bank's deep understanding of its customers' needs and its commitment to providing modern and efficient financial solutions.

Ultimately, the Tourism Bank aims to enhance the accessibility and efficiency of smart banking services in Iran, thereby enabling it to offer worthy services in line with international standards to its customers both domestically and internationally. These efforts will lay the foundation for a dynamic, modern, and accessible banking industry for all Iranians, undoubtedly playing a significant role in strengthening the digital economy and Iran's advancement.

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