Innovative banking services in Iran by Tourism Financial Group at Tehran Tourism Expo

Innovative banking services in Iran : The Tourism Financial Group's Impact at the 17th Tehran International Tourism Exhibition

In an era marked by significant advancements in the banking and financial industry, the Tourism Financial Group has taken a pioneering role in the digital transformation of this sector by offering innovative banking services in Iran. This group, with its active participation in the 17th Tehran International Tourism Exhibition and related industries, has showcased its importance and position in providing cutting-edge financial services.

For this purpose, an exhibition space of 503 square meters was allocated to the Tourism Financial Group to extensively introduce innovative banking services, emphasizing their impact on the sustainable development of Iran's tourism industry. Subsidiary companies of this group, including the Tourism Bank, the Heritage and Tourism Investment Group of Iran (HTIG), and other entities, participated in this exhibition to prove their prominent position in delivering innovative banking services in Iran through innovative solutions and services.

The significance of this presence goes beyond showcasing achievements; it provides an opportunity for dialogue and synergy with other participants in the tourism and banking industry, aiming to find innovative solutions to face upcoming challenges. The Tourism Bank, as one of the leaders in innovative banking services, has planned special programs to introduce these services and attract public attention to their importance.

The 17th Tehran International Tourism Exhibition, with a diverse agenda including seminars, panels, workshops, and specialized roundtables in the field of tourism, offered a unique opportunity to present innovative banking services and examine their role in enhancing tourism attraction and improving Iran's economic conditions. This event is recognized not only as one of the most important gatherings in the tourism industry but also as a key arena for introducing and developing innovative banking services.

The exhibition was organized with the goals of creating a culture for attracting tourism, enhancing Iran's international position in tourism, introducing Iran's tourism and hospitality potentials, and providing the necessary platforms for attracting both foreign and domestic investments in the tourism sector. The Tourism Financial Group, with a focus on offering innovative banking services as one of its key strategies, played a crucial role in this event and took significant steps towards achieving these objectives.

The 17th Tehran International Tourism Exhibition and related industries were held from Tuesday, February 13th, to Friday, February 16th, 2023, from 8 AM to 3 PM at the permanent location of Tehran's international exhibitions.

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