SEMEGA made a splash at the Top 100 companies in Iran Conference

.SEMEGA Holding claimed the top spot in terms of sales growth and ranking advancement among the Top Top 100 companies in Iran

Semega Group, Iran's Cultural Heritage and Tourism Investment Group, achieved remarkable successes at the 19th edition of the IMI100 ranking of Top 100 companies in Iran, and was recognized as one of the most successful companies at the conference.

The conference, which was attended by government officials, economic activists, and senior managers of Iran's top companies, ranked and awarded the top 100 companies in Iran based on various indicators.

Semega Breaks Record in Sales Growth:

Semega ranked first among the companies present at the conference with a 2036% sales growth in 1401 (March 2022 - March 2023). This growth amounted to 158,575 billion Rials, which indicates Samega's exceptional performance in the past year.

198-step leap in ranking:

In the IMI100 ranking of 1401 (March 2022 - March 2023), Semega climbed 198 places from 268 in 1400 (March 2021 - March 2022) to 70. This remarkable rise demonstrates Semega's significant progress on the path to development and excellence.

Semega's Other Honors:

Receiving the title of Iran's Leading Company

Semega was awarded the title of Iran's Leading Company at the conference. This title is awarded to companies that have been pioneers in various fields, including innovation, creativity, and commitment to social responsibility.

Ranking as the 70th Top Company in Iran

Semega is recognized as the first specialized tourism and hotel holding company in Iran's stock exchange with the symbol "SEMEGA" on the Fara Bourse.

Semega's Role in Developing the Tourism Industry:

As the first specialized tourism and hotel holding company in Iran's stock exchange, Semega plays a significant role in developing this industry. With of subsidiaries in various tourism fields, including hotels, travel services, transportation, and etc., Semega provides diverse services to domestic and foreign tourists.

Semega's Future Vision:

Relying on its specialized and experienced workforce, Semega has ambitious development plans for the future. The holding company intends to contribute to improving Iran's position in the global tourism market by increasing investment in various sectors of the tourism industry.

With a vision to become the leading tourism and hotel holding company in the Middle East, Semega strives to provide high-quality services to its customers, develop Iran's tourism industry, and create value for its shareholders.

Semega's presence at the 100 Top Companies of Iran Conference demonstrates the company's commitment to the sustainable and responsible development of Iran's tourism industry.

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