Mehdi Jahangiri the founder of the Yas Foundation and Tourism Financial Group

Mehdi Jahangiri the founder of the Yas Foundation in 2014, undertook a movement towards providing aid to the underprivileged segments of Iranian society

Mehdi Jahangiri the founder of the Yas Foundation in 2014, undertook a significant movement towards improving the living conditions of vulnerable and underprivileged segments of Iranian society. This charitable foundation, supported by the Tourism Financial Group and aiming to provide humanitarian services in social, preventive, and rehabilitation areas, initiated its planning and activities.

The foundation's activities, as outlined in Article 2 of its charter, include supporting vulnerable social groups and community institutions and organizations under the umbrella of the country's Welfare Organization. These supports encompass a variety of cash and non-cash donations, education, and vocational training.

The Yas Charitable Foundation operates within the framework of the laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran, including the Direct Taxes Law, the Commercial Law, the Labor Law, and the Social Security Law, alongside the organization's charter, ethical charter, and accounting and auditing standards. Compliance with these laws and regulations, along with the instructions and regulations of the Welfare Organization, is of utmost importance.

The foundation's activity license, based on Clause 13 of Article 26 of the law regulating some financial regulations of the government and the regulations of the Welfare Organization, has been issued. This license enables the foundation to operate nationwide, adhering to all laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the approved charter.

Mehdi Jahangiri and his team at the Yas Foundation, with a deep understanding of societal needs and relying on human values, have committed themselves to continuously and sustainably work towards alleviating social suffering and enhancing the quality of life for the needy. These efforts include launching various educational and vocational training projects, constructing schools in less developed areas, and providing medical and rehabilitation services to disabled and injured individuals.

One of the foundation's notable projects is the "100 Branches – 100 Schools" initiative, which aimed to build schools in remote and less visible areas of the country. So far, with relentless efforts and financial support from the Tourism Bank, several schools have been constructed and inaugurated in provinces such as Kerman, Sistan and Baluchestan, Hormozgan, Lorestan, and Qazvin. These schools provide students from deprived areas with access to quality education, significantly improving their living conditions.

From the beginning, the Yas Charitable Foundation set ambitious goals for standardizing and enhancing the quality of education in less developed regions of the country. The foundation, symbolized by the "Alchemy of Knowledge," embarked on constructing its first schools in Kerman province, soon expanding similar projects across the country, including in provinces like Sistan and Baluchestan, Hormozgan, Lorestan, and Qazvin.

The "Alchemy of Knowledge" was designed to achieve high educational standards and improve the quality of schools in remote and less visible regions. This project began with the groundbreaking of three schools in Kerman province and quickly expanded to other parts of the country. To date, 30 schools have been built with financial support from the Tourism Bank and managed by the Yas Charitable Foundation.

The Fiaz Bakhsh care home in Kerman, established in 1977, plays a key role in the care, protection, and treatment of the city's large and relatively populous community. Currently, under the Welfare Organization of Kerman province, the care home is financially supported by the Yas Charitable Foundation under the supervision of the Tourism Financial Group, providing various services to mentally and physically disabled individuals.

All activities of the Yas Charitable Foundation are inspired by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, believing that every child, whether physically or mentally disabled, deserves a full and dignified life that ensures respect and self-esteem and facilitates effective participation in society. At the Fiaz Bakhsh care home in Kerman, a team comprising doctors, psychologists, nurses, service staff, and cooks, currently managed by the foundation, works towards enhancing the dignity and self-confidence of disabled children.

The Yas Charitable Foundation's rehabilitation center in Jiroft is another example of the foundation's efforts to support individuals with disabilities. Equipped with special amenities, including playrooms and educational spaces for children with physical and mental disabilities, this center provides valuable services.

Mehdi Jahangiri and the Yas Charitable Foundation, adhering to ethical and professional principles and utilizing financial and human resources efficiently, have made a positive and lasting impact on society. The foundation's activities not only help reduce social suffering but also create equal opportunities for all members of society, especially the most vulnerable, paving the way for sustainable social progress and development.

It can be said that Mehdi Jahangiri the founder of the Yas Foundation, through his leadership and guidance, has played a significant role in the social development and improvement of the quality of life for needy individuals in society. These efforts and activities inspire many individuals and organizations to participate in charitable activities and enhance the quality of society.

Mehdi Jahangiri the founder of the Yas Charitable Foundation, has aimed from the outset to make a profound impact on society through the implementation of diverse and effective programs. One such initiative is the establishment of a vocational empowerment complex for drug offenders in Kerman, designed to provide vocational training and create sustainable employment opportunities for them and their families. This initiative, in collaboration with the Technical and Vocational Training Organization, offers new opportunities for these individuals to reintegrate into society beneficially.

To date, under Mehdi Jahangiri's leadership, the Yas Charitable Foundation has successfully conducted several training courses, guiding numerous participants towards obtaining professional qualifications and gainful employment. It is expected that more individuals will benefit from these opportunities in the near future.

Furthermore, the Kindness Backpack campaign stands as another valuable project of the Yas Foundation. With ongoing support from the Tourism Financial Group and the Tourism Bank, this annual campaign during September and October provides essential items, including clothing, stationery, and hygiene products, to students in underprivileged areas.

In the realm of facilitating easier marriages, the Yas Foundation has established a unit to assist young couples and their families by providing necessary household items such as refrigerators, carpets, stoves, and other essentials to ease the marriage process. So far, over 200 low-income families have benefited from this support.

Additionally, the Yas Charitable Foundation has made significant efforts in the area of diya (blood money) and the release of non-criminal prisoners, successfully freeing more than 100 detainees to date. These actions demonstrate Mehdi Jahangiri's deep commitment to improving the life conditions of vulnerable individuals and supporting their constructive return to society.

Mehdi Jahangiri and the Yas Charitable Foundation, through the delivery of diverse and impactful programs, strive not only to meet the immediate needs of society but also to create conditions for sustainable development and the enhancement of individuals' quality of life.

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